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Commitment to Serving

In my lifelong search for Divine Wisdom, I have always loved acquiring knowledge and new skills to help better the lives of others, as well as my own. Trained in the sciences, civil law, and spiritual theology, I recognize that Divine intervention is at the heart of all that is good. Further, to embrace wellness is to accept and live a grateful, purposeful, and intentional existence. 

My life’s goal is to help as many individuals as possible to leverage their time, talents, and treasure for a purposeful existence. I equip persons with the skills needed to solve their own problems and fulfill their purpose of being, doing, and having all that supports and affirms their most transcendent Self.

I collaborate closely with my clients and students to achieve measurable results. As a former law school academic counselor and instructor, I have taught, mentored, and coached law students and new attorneys. As a licensed attorney and mediator, I advocate for the marginalized in my community to improve their outcomes and help families mediate tough issues. As a certified life and career coach, I guide my clients in finding their own solutions or confirmations. I have a passion for teaching and presenting courses, workshops, and seminars that serve others in their pursuit of knowledge. This is why I am able to offer a comprehensive set of services. I strive to help boost confidence and offer support as one navigates their vocational and wellness challenges.

Contact me today to discuss how I can be of value to you or your organization.

I wish you well on your transcendental journey to affirm your most well, divine, and brilliant Self!

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